28/04 19:42

Aga Khan Foundation presents new books for children

Bishkek, April 28 / Kabar /. New children’s books, developed by the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Program (MSDSP KG), were officially launched during a roundtable on 25 April, in the presence of senior officials from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. Around 60 participants including the authors, illustrators of books, representatives of the Book Chamber of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education, State Commission on Languages, donors, and partners’ representatives attended the event.

The stories and poems, written by local authors selected through an open and competitive process, highlight the importance of diversity, friendship and tolerance towards environment. Within the framework of the Strengthening the Civil Society in Central Asia project, supported by the Aga Khan Foundation, local writers received an opportunity to acquire new skills through trainings on subjects such as Pluralism in Children’s Books and Improvement of the Organizational Structure. Additionally, the National Union of Writers received IT equipment, within the project’s framework.

Ten new books were presented at the roundtable which include four books, entitled Friend (Druug), Don’t Be Selfish (Bolo kyorbyo ozumchul), She Fell Down While Taking Care of Her (Ayap jygyldym) and Neighbours (Koshunalar) were written by local authors and developed as part of this project. The other six books, published with the support of The Christensen Fund included My Mountainous Homeland (Menin tooluu mekenim), Respect for Elders is the Duty of the Youth (Uluulardy urmattoo – kichuulordun paryzy), Traditions( Nark kaada-salttar), Mint (Jalbyz), Herbs of Our Village (Bizdin aiyldyn dary choptoru), and Мountain Pastures (Jailoodo). [These new books are in addition to the 40 book titles developed by AKF - MSDSP KG together with prominent local authors and illustrators of children’s books.]

During the event, Ms. Dogdurgul Kendirbaeva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, recognised AKF’s contribution to children’s development. “I would like to specially mark the role and input of AKF into education, human resources, mobilization of the society, in addressing issues through the provision of various means of education, and through the Reading For Children project”, said Ms. Kendirbaeva.

The results of the impact assessment of the MSDSP KG’s Reading For Children (RFC) project were also presented. The RFC project was initially launched in 2007 in Osh Oblast, and later expanded to Naryn Oblast as well. The project benefited around 24,000 young readers aged 2-12 and 12,000 parents and caregivers through the estalibhment of 66 mini libraries each provided with 500 children’s books and developmental interactive materials in Kyrgyz and Russian languages. The project mainly aimed at instilling a love of reading from an early age.


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