08/04 12:14

Xi'an Tang Dynasty West Market to present Shadow Play exhibition in Bishkek

 Bishkek, April 8 / Kabar /. For the first time in Bishkek the Xi'an Tang Dynasty West Market will present Shadow Play exhibition at the Historical Museum on 10-30 April.

Shadow theater - a type of dramatic art, which has its roots in China. Legend says that Emperor Wudi ( 156-87 BC) of the Western Han Dynasty was suppressed by death of his favorite Lady Li, who died of the disease. Emperor missed her so much that he lost the desire to reign. But once the minister saw children playing with puppets that cast shadows on the floor bright. Inspired by this, the minister made a paper doll, similar to the emperor's dead concubine, to help him overcome his grief. At night he invited the emperor to look at it. Doll cast a shadow on the curtain. The Emperor was delighted. This story is recorded in the official history book, it is believed that from this moment the history of Chinese shadow theater began.


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