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Bishkek hosts the exhibition "Japanese dolls"

Bishkek hosts the exhibition "Japanese dolls"

Bishkek, February 21 / Kabar /. The exhibition "Japanese dolls" is opened in the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts.

According to the organizers, the exhibition within the framework of international tour has visited India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe and Asia as well as North and South America causing great public interest. It will present 70 exhibits made of porcelain, ceramics and wood. Visitors will see dolls associated with traditional festivals and ceremonies – the Boys’ Day and Girls” Day and dolls for members of the imperial court, traditional theater actors "No" and "Kabuki", samurais, children and many others, have become an important part of not only household, but also the artistic culture of the people of the country of rising sun.

Japanese pay much attention to dolls since ancient times. They are part of the fine art and artistic and religious symbolism. The first dolls were made as early as the Nara period and served as a shield against diseases and misfortunes. In 1936, this craft was officially recognized as an artistic art. Over time, the dolls have become an object of aesthetic pleasure.

The exhibition is aimed at adults and children and those who are interested in the culture of the East.

The exhibition is organized by Japanese Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, the Japan Foundation, the Kyrgyz- Japan Center for Human Development and Museum of Fine Arts.

"Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival)" is held on March 3rd. This is a day to pray for young girl's growth and happiness. It is also called "Momo no sekku (Peach Festival)" because of the peach blossom season on the old lunar calendar. Most families with girls display "hina-ningyo" (special dolls for Hinamatsuri,) and dedicate peach blossoms to them. On this occasion, the organizers of the exhibition will present on March 1 a special exhibition devoted Hina dolls.

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