15/04 16:41

Enhancing Civic Education in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, April 15 / Kabar/. The Social Research Center launched a new project entitled “Enhancing Civic Education in Kyrgyzstan through Development of Student Textbooks on Civics”.

“It represents the final step of the Civic Education in Kyrgyzstan Project. At the previous stages, the SRC elaborated the syllabus for Kyrgyzstan’s universities in Russian and Kyrgyz languages, developed the Teacher’s Guide in these two languages and piloted both the syllabus and Teacher’s Guide in eight universities of Kyrgyzstan,” emphasizes Ainura Asamidinova of SRC.

The overall aim of the Project “Civic Education in Kyrgyzstan” is to educate young citizens of Kyrgyzstan about active participatory citizenship and democratic pillars. The project is financed by the Aga Khan Foundation and the DFID.

“The final project stage aims at developing a Student Textbook on Civics. The Textbook will contain information on judicial and political domains as well as cultural values. The book aims to develop skills in critical thinking, analytical capacity and cooperation and values of human rights, tolerance, and civic conscience,” continues Ainura.

The textbook will be written by prominent scholars of Kyrgyzstan such as Dr. Nur Omarov and Dr. Ainura Elebaeva. The textbook will be published in both Russian and Kyrgyz languages and will be distributed among all universities of Kyrgyzstan.


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