12/11 09:27

AUCA Faculty Development Grant

In cooperation with USAID and the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), AUCA announces faculty development grants for up to 12 months of research in residence at one of the following universities: Michigan State University
Northwestern University
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Purdue University
The Ohio State University
University of Iowa
University of Minnesota Research can be undertaken in any field of study. Preference will be given to faculty members whose research is either related to or will lead to work on a PhD in their field of specialization.  However, we will also accept proposals from faculty who already have the PhD degree. Eligibility All full-time local AUCA faculty members are eligible to apply. How to apply Interested faculty should first look carefully at the websites of the universities listed above.  They should decide which university has faculty members and/or research institutes whose interests complement their own.  Having ascertained the optimal site for research, the AUCA faculty member should write up a short (2-3 page) description of the research he/she proposes to perform while in the US.  This short outline should also note the individuals or groups with whom the faculty member hopes to interact as well as the expected results of the research (eg. a book, an article, a dissertation, the necessary background research to apply to a Phd program).  Faculty should also indicate for how long they would like to be abroad (grants may begin as early as January 2011 and can last either for the spring semester and a summer or a full calendar year). The research description should be complemented by an updated CV, particularly describing professional, educational and research background of the applicant.  In addition, if contacts at the potential hosting institution have already been made, please include evidence of this as an appendix to the application. Funding Those faculty members chosen for this program will receive round-trip airfare to the university where they will be working and a research stipend of $2000 per month to cover other expenses such as apartment rental, purchase of books and supplies, local travel within the USA and so on. The host university will provide access to all university facilities and will assist in finding housing and ensuring the conditions for a productive research stay.  We are still working on issues relating to health insurance, but some form of insurance will be made available. Deadlines Faculty members who plan the research trip to start in January 2011 should apply by November 12, 2010. Faculty members who plan the research trip to start in June 2011 or later should apply by January 30, 2011. Applications must be submitted electronically to the Faculty Development Funding Committee (Shairbek Juraev, the chair of the committee at shairbek@gmail.com). There are no per year or per department quotas, and the decisions will be taken strictly on the basis of quality of the research proposal and its expected value for AUCA. Selection Process Applications will be screened by the Faculty Development Funding Committee, which will make recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President. 


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