28/10 10:16

The Third All-Russian Olympiad on Intellectual Property


The Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, Russian Institute of Intellectual Property and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF realize project “Inventory and Research Activity of Youth – Forming New Intellectual Elite of Russia” based on the Third All-Russian Olympiad on Intellectual Property.

This Olympiad is going to be considered as international. Therefore organizers invite to participate high school students from CIS countries. Realization of this project will define and promote talented youth from CIS countries, as it presents equal opportunities to all students of 15-17 years old, living in big cities and villages of outland areas.

Implementation and results of Olympiad will be published in the central and regional mass media and also in the official web-site of Olympiad www.olimpiada-rgiis.ru

Program of Olympiad and responds to questions, concerning with participation you could find in the official web-site of Olympiad www.olimpiada-rgiis.ru.



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