14/10 10:01

Under auspice of the WIPO Kyrgyzpatent initiates to create technology and innovation supporting center

  The Technology and Innovation Supporting Centers are going to be created in Kyrgyzstan. Agreement between the State Intellectual Property Service leadership and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on shared obligations was signed in course of Kyrgyzpatent delegation’s visit to Geneva for participation in the Second Global Symposium of Intellectual Property Authorities and in the 48th Assemblies of the WIPO Member States, which took place on September 16-29, 2010. Within a framework of Second Global Symposium of Intellectual Property Authorities, which was organized by the WIPO, discussions took place on IP infrastructure development with a view to assist science, new technology and innovations in the worldwide. Mrs. Zina Isabaeva, Director of the State Intellectual Property Service of the KR participated in the Symposium work. Then Mrs. Zina Isabaeva, and Mr. Bakyt Kenenbaev, State Secretary of Kyrgyzpatent participated in the meetings of Assemblies of the WIPO Member States. 184 delegates from the WIPO member states participated in the work of 48th series of Assemblies. 35 questions were considered, including report for the preceding year, realization of the WIPO strategic goals and adoption of the Medium-dated strategic plan of the WIPO development. The meeting of the high level segment took place during the Assembly with participation of ministers from 60 states. The main topics of discussions were: Innovations and their role in economic growth and advanced jobsites creation; global IP systems, especially agreement on Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Madrid Trademark System and others. The delegation from Kyrgyzstan, as coordinator of the Regional Group for Certain Countries of East Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, noted support of international community efforts, directed to further development of international IP system, resolving global problems, such as climatic change, food safety and gaps narrowing of knowledge among nations. The Regional Group approved the process of organizational renovation and reforms, making by the WIPO in accordance with the Program of strategic reorganization. Program of strategic reorganization were structured by four key approaches: focusing on service, working as united entity, accountability regarding results as well as ecological, social and administrative responsibilities. It was also noted that participation of the high level segment’s representatives in the work of Assembly confirmed that attention in the world has been increasingly focused on intellectual property and innovations use, and it would be positive reflected as a final result on development of knowledge based economy. In the course of its visit to Geneva Kyrgyzpatent’s delegation met with the WIPO leadership including Dr. Francis Gurry, Director General, discussing the issues of the National Strategy development of the KR in the field of intellectual property and innovations and first-priority lines of cooperation. Signing of the Agreement between the WIPO and Kyrgyzpatent on creation of Technology and Innovation Supporting Center became an important result of the visit; representatives of science community, inventors, students of the Technical University and business community may obtain there consultations, assistance at searching of technical and patent information and other services related development technology and innovation promotion. The first center will be opened on the basis of the State Fund of Intellectual Property under Kyrgyzpatent, then such centers will appear in universities and scientific centers as in the capital as in regions of the Republic.  


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