04/10 15:52

5th International Annual Festival of the Culture Dialog “Oimo – 2010” took place in Bishkek

  KABAR, October 4. The 5th International Annual Festival of the Culture Dialog “Oimo – 2010” took place in Bishkek on September 21-27. This event was organized by the Resource Center for Craft Supporting “CACSARC-kg”, Ministry of Culture of the KR, the PA “Central Asia Network on Culture and Art”, the Kyrgyz Peoples Assembly, Kyrgyzpatent reports. Kyrgyzpatent representatives were among guests of the Festival: Mr. Toktogul Azykov, Head of the Section for Selection Achievements and Traditional Knowledge and Mrs. Dinara Omorbekova, Expert. The Festival traditionally attracts attention of Bishkek citizens and guests, granting a unique opportunity to be acquainted with all cultural diversity of nations of the Central Asia Region. Artists, amateur groups, craftsmen representing traditional art of Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia, participated in this event. “The exhibition of Kyrgyz craftsmen, who are the carriers of traditional knowledge – cultural heritage of Kyrgyz nation presented a special interest for us, - told Mr. Toktogul Azykov. - Craftswomen from Alai generated a specific interest, with demonstration of traditional decorations of yurt and dresses of Alai women. The whole heritage should be researched and protected. Therefore Kyrgyzpatent works to create data base for traditional knowledge for entering to this data base for keeping to future generations and protection from any infringements”.  


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