10.06.2010, 15:12

Training on the development of editorial policy for journalists is being held in Osh

KABAR, June 10. On June 8, in Osh city, training began for representatives of broadcasters, publications, information portals in Kyrgyzstan and government officials to develop a unified editorial policy in reporting conflicts in the republic. According to experts of UNDP, the upcoming training was created to improve public access to quality information in Kyrgyzstan. The participants will discuss the basic rights of the target audience in covering conflicts, will explore the analysis of mass media in Kyrgyzstan, the legal field of journalism and the fundamentals of conflict, and learn the proper way to present the objective information to the public. Upon completion of training, participants should develop and agree upon a common editorial policy for the media coverage of conflicts of Kyrgyzstan. The event is conducted by the Osh Media Resource Center with support from UNDP, as well as the NED, the Soros Foundation, the International Red Cross and the OSCE. Training will be completed on June 11, 2010.