31.05.2010, 17:05

Quality management training for Kyrgyz textile and clothing companies to be held in Bishkek

  KABAR, May 31. From 31st May to 11th June 2010 within the framework of the Trade promotion project in Kyrgyzstan implemented by the International Trade Center (ITC) and funded by the Swiss Government a number of Kyrgyz textile and clothing companies will be provided a training on quality management. The training will be conducted by the ITC international consultant Dr. Rajesh Bheda and will include half-day individual consultation visits to each of the 16 companies participating in the project from 1-11 June 2010. The mission will be launched by one day introduction seminar-training on fundamental concepts and specific applications to participating enterprises on how to develop their Quality and Productivity systems. The participants of the seminar will get an opportunity to learn through practical and real life case studies about effective and easy to implement Quality and Productivity Information collection and reporting tools for the use by each individual enterprise. Participants will get a clear picture on how improved quality and productivity can positively affect their profitability. The training consists of the following topics: 1) quality system, 2) production systems and productivity improvement, 3) problem solving methodology, 4) quality standards, social standards and worker motivation and 5) production equipment and technology. Within open discussion, practical work in groups and experience sharing by enterprises it is expected to develop action plans and agree on the initiatives that will be taken up by the enterprises for quality and productivity improvement based on the selected methodology and tools provided by the international consultant for each company.