21/01 20:14

There will be no “export of color revolutions” during Trump’s presidency, political analyst

 There will be no “export of color revolutions” during Trump’s presidency, political analyst

Bishkek, Jan. 21 / Kabar /. There will be no “export of color revolutions” during Donald Trump’s presidency, political analyst Mars Sariev told Kabar Agency.

Sariev said that, after Trump assumes his office the USA will reconsider its strategy regarding Kyrgyzstan on the issue of sponsorship of "color revolutions".

"And, of course, the country's policy towards the so-called globalization project will be changed. I think that the United States will approach this issue pragmatically, for example, the United States provided security in Europe, but today, Trump said that it should be paid. However, I think that the confrontation between the US and Russia at the global level will remain. Just methods will be changed. For example, Washington will not conduct massive military operations in Iraq or Afghanistan. But the reduction of the military component will only lead to a change of method," Mars Sariev said.

In addition, the analyst considers that the focus of hot phase in 2017 will move from the Middle East to Central Asia.

"In general, 2017 will be quite tense for Central Asia in security issues. The situation in Libya and Syria, of course, remain in the simmering mode, but the focus will be directed specifically to our region. The most vulnerable in Central Asia is Turkmenistan, there have been cases of incursions of militants to their territory, as well as Tajikistan. Militants are concentrated n the north of this country. Moreover, most of them - came from Xinjiang and Central Asia," he said and added that in this regard the United States will no longer be as before openly intervene, but continues sponsoring militants and supplying them with weapons.

In addition, Mars Sariev stressed that in political terms the relations of Kyrgyzstan and the US is likely to remain unchanged.


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