30/12 10:59

Kyrgyz Security agencies calls people for watchfulness

  Officials of Kyrgyz security agencies call Kyrgyz people for watchfulness and immediately inform about suspicious objects and people, Keneshbek Dushebayev, chief of Kyrgyzstans State National Security Committee (GKNB), and Zarylbek Rysaliyev, Minister of Internal Affairs (MVD) addressed to people with such speech. The reason for this was frequent terroristic activities in Kyrgyzstan. Last Saturday special services terminated another attempt of act of terrorism. According to GKNB, at about 4:00 a.m. Land Rover Discovery label car was found near Main Department of Internal Affairs (GUVD) in Bishkek. Criminals installed a self-made explosive device, consisted of gas cylinder, aluminum powder, ammonium nitrate and damaging components, weighting over 30 kg, connected in electric circuit with cell-phone and battery. According to specialists, explosive device power was 7-10 kg of TNT. Later GKNB engineer combat group found ground TNT in explosive compound of the device, which was used for detonation enhancement. Investigation revealed that the car was stalled in Sokuluk region the day before. At this moment operative investigation activities and organization activities for acts of terrorism termination are being performed. Dozens of peoples, suspected in involvement for terroristic act preparation, are already identified, detained and wanted on initiated criminal cases. Special services, law enforcement agencies and security agencies were transited on heightened alert and barracks,massage authors mentioned. Chiefs of GKNB and MVD call citizens for being watchful, careful and open-eyed. Simple precautionary measures can considerably reduce risks of bad consequences of attempts to fulfill criminal acts of terrorism. We ask to pay attention to all details and events around you. We ask to immediately inform MVD and GKNB if you found or noticed suspicious people, as well as bags, boxes or any other objects, left in crowded places, including not used parked cars,official reminded. In connection with New Year holidays, people are asked not to use pyrotechnics, different types of petards, fireworks, especially during evening and tight time. Their use can make influence on peoples calmness but also complicate work of law enforcement agencies, as it may become the reason of false information about explosions and firefight,security officials warned.  


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