27/08 13:46

Kyrgyz, Russian police conduct three anti-drug operations

KABAR, August 27. Kyrgyz anti-drug officials along with their CIS counterparts uncovered 88 drug-related crimes in the first half of 2010, Interfax reported citing to the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry.
"In 2010, the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry, in cooperation with CIS member states, conducted four joint operations titled "controlled delivery," as a result of which they detained seven members of criminal groups and seized over 16 kilograms of heroin and 37 kilograms of hashish," the ministry said.
One such operation was conducted with colleagues from Kazakhstan, and three with Russian officials.
Also, 88 drug-related crimes were uncovered and 471 kilograms of illicit drugs were seized during the MAK-2010 (Poppy-2010) operation.
"During the operation, 81 people involved in illicit drug trafficking were detained, all of them Kyrgyz nationals," the ministry added.
Also during this operation, 238 crimes were resolved, 25 firearms were seized, nine wanted criminals were caught, the whereabouts of thirteen missing people were established, and three bodies were identified.
Overall, almost 2,167 kilograms of drugs of all types were seized, the ministry said. 95 kilograms of heroin was found (this is 41 kilograms more than the amount seized during the same period in 2009), 33 kilograms of opium (3 kilograms more), 330 kilograms of hashish (203 kilograms more), 612 kilograms of marijuana and 796 kilograms of cannabis (one ton less).


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