29/07 09:58

Kyrgyzpatent and Financial Police approve joint action plan

  Kyrgyzpatent and the State Service of Financial Police confirmed an inter-agency action plan, which envisages cooperation in the field of intellectual property protection over the next two years.
The document envisages conduct of search operations by Financial Police to identify the methods and ways to smuggle in Kyrgyzstan counterfeit and pirated goods and combat trafficking of counterfeit products, conducting joint inspections to prevent the illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods, exchange of information on combating offenses in the area of intellectual property (IP) and creating a shared database. Right holders (owners of trade marks and trade marks, representatives of creative unions, etc.) are also to participate in inspections , as well as representatives of the media. Kyrgyzpatent and the Financial Police also will join forces to conduct anti-piracy actions, information campaigns and advocacy of non-proliferation of counterfeit products. In addition, there will be educational seminars for employees of agencies and their partners to prevent crime in the area of IP, and round tables to discuss topical issues of combating counterfeiting and piracy. A separate agenda item was devoted for joint activities to improve the legislative framework and enforcement practices in the field of IP protection and development of proposals for national IP strategies.


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