16/11 11:14

President of Kazakhstan signed a decree dissolving the Majilis, the elections scheduled for January 15

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree dissolving the lower house of parliament - the Majilis, the early elections scheduled for January 15, 2012, "Novosti-Kazakhstan" reported.

The text of the decree published Wednesday in the official media.

"In accordance with Article 63 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Articles 85 and 87 of the Constitutional Law" On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan ", I decree the dissolution of the Majilis of the Parliament of the fourth convocation, a special election of deputies of Majilis are elected on party lists, on January 15, 2012" - said in the decree.

In accordance with the law, the election of 98 deputies of the Majilis by the party lists on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

Nine members elected by the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan. In accordance with a decree early elections of Majilis deputies elected by the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, scheduled for January 16, 2012.

Central Election Commission tasked to organize the preparation and conduct of extraordinary elections of deputies, the government and governors of regions and cities of Astana and Alma-Ata "promptly take all necessary measures for organizational, logistical and financial support for early elections of deputies of the Majilis."

The decree comes into force from the date of publication.

Last week a group of Majilis deputies voiced an appeal to the head of state, which has asked to terminate the authority to appoint members of the House and early parliamentary elections.

Elections to the Majilis were to be held in August 2012, but 53 of the 107-member lower house, referring to the head of state, felt it necessary to dissolve the house early. They explained their decision as soon as possible to pass from one party to multiparty Parliament - by law, the next Parliament by law to be formed from at least two political parties. In addition, deputies think that next year is expected a new wave of economic crisis, which may affect and Kazakhstan, it is important to pass the electoral period before the onset of economic problems.

The majority of respondents Kazakhstan (67.2%) support the initiative of deputies of the Majilis dissolve, follows from the case study "Socio-political mood of the population of Kazakhstan," conducted by the Institute of Parliamentary ruling party "Nur Otan". 


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