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Turkish company TeknoBoyut plans to equip Bishkek with surveillance systems and to build "smart houses"

Turkish company TeknoBoyut plans to equip Bishkek with surveillance systems and to build "smart houses"

 Bishkek, April 10 / Kabar /. Innovative company from Turkey TeknoBoyut plans to equip Bishkek with modern security cameras and build "smart houses". 
Chairman of the board of TeknoBoyut Tamer Budak said that the company in Turkey is considered one of the leaders in the field of innovative technologies in the public safety, the safety of buildings, construction of modern smart houses and medicine.

The company produces a comprehensive video surveillance system, which is installed in big cities, and if necessary in the surrounding areas. This system can also be used in the protection of the state border, as it has the elements of night vision and thermal imaging.

"Before arriving here, we have studied Kyrgyzstan for two months. On the results of analysis the company's board decided that Kyrgyzstan is one of the most suitable countries for doing business in the former Soviet Union space," said Budak.

«Tekno boyut» Kyrgyzstan plans to start investing in small-scale projects. The head of the company said that the delegation under his leadership held meetings with local businessmen and government officials. Following the meetings, the company plans to work in two directions - in the field of public safety and construction of "smart houses" and buildings. 

He stated that the results of the meeting with representatives of ministries and departments shows that the Kyrgyz authorities are ready to work with Tekno boyut. 

Budak told that the first investment in Kyrgyzstan will be small and make about $ 5 million. "Then in the second stage we will invest $ 20 million. Step by step, the volume of investments will grow," he said.

The company is considering the construction of "smart houses" both multi-storey and individual. Smart house system is controlled by a small device over the Internet. "In these houses you will no longer need the keys. Doors will be opened for scanning fingerprints, retinal and facial recognition", said chairman of the company.

He also said that, the company plans to open its branch in Kyrgyzstan with assembly plant, where 100 % of employees will be citizens of Kyrgyzstan.
The company has been successfully working in Turkey, Germany, Albania, Slovenia and a number of European countries for 16 years.


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