25/06 16:00

To receive salary with KICB is always convenient

 KICB presents service “Salary project”. It is a specially developed system of salaries with the use of international plastic cards VISA KICB. The Bank is a Principal Member of the international payment system VISA International, means, has a high status, appropriated to the participants of this payment system. More and more organizations pass to the “Salary projects”, seeing large advantage.

“Salary project” has a lot of advantages for employer:

The charges of company on calculation cash go considerably down. The employees, who were involved into delivery of salaries, set free.
The risk of storage and cash transfer disappears. Money is transferred on employee’s bank account with a cashless way.
The queue for salary decrease; employees withdraw cash in every convenient time. KICB has very wide network of bank automats and POS-terminals, comfortably located both in the capital and in regions. In addition to cards VISA KICB are accepted in any country of the world.
The confidentiality of information about employee’s salary rises. Data about the conducted extra charges becomes a bank secret.

Advantages for employees. “Salary project”

Timely payment of salary. Decreasing of queue and increasing of places, where money can be received.
Employees can withdraw cash in KGS as well as in USD. Thus most of the bank automats work twenty-four-hours seven days a week.
VISA cards KICB are produced with the use of all last development in area of safety, and presented absolutely safety of monetary resources. In case of thief or loss of card, it could be blocked by phone call, and monetary resources will be stayed on your bank account.
With the help of Visacard KICB you can make purchase through internet or cell phone. You also have an opportunity to book flights and hotels all over the world.
VISA cards KICB give an opportunity to declare facilities during your journeys. Converting of monetary resources on the card happens automatically. Thereof you can arrange a bank card with USD currency.
365 days a year, 24 hours you can use our service – “i-bank”
Credit “Three salaries” without a mortgage and with minimal set of documents, can solve financial problems.
Card with a limit overdraft up to 50% from the sum of average monthly salary without a mortgage and with minimal set of documents will solve your problem of borrowing money from your colleagues and friends.
Twenty-four-hours service of client support operates on any questions related to maintenance of card and work of KICB.


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