24.02.2015, 21:14

Presentation of ELSOM by KICB in Moscow

Presentation of ELSOM by KICB in Moscow

 KICB (Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank) together with the popular magazine “Business Audience” presented it's innovative product – an electronic wallet ELSOM for citizens of Kyrgyzstan working and living in Moscow. The presentation was held on 15th of February, 2015 in Resto-club “Vishnya” at 18:00.

The Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation, leaders of the Kyrgyz diasporas, citizens of Kyrgyzstan living and working in Moscow, as well as representatives of information agencies of City of Moscow were invited to the presentation of the ELSOM. An interactive presentation of ELSOM and its wide functionalities, including convenient money transfer from Russia to e-wallets of relatives, friends and acquaintances in Kyrgyzstan, was made.

The ELSOM electronic wallet is now integrated to popular money remittances systems: UniStream and Contact. Euroset is also partner of ELSOM facilitating remittances. Sending money to Kyrgyzstan now becomes simple and convenient: A person can replenish electronic wallet of ELSOM of his/her relatives or friends living in Kyrgyzstan in any of the outlets of Euroset on a 24/7 basis, just presenting his/her passport, and referring the telephone number (identical to the ELSOM number), and moneys will be sent directly to the ELSOM electronic wallet to Kyrgyzstan. Remittances sent through UniStream and Contact will be processed in the same way, but to receive the remittances will be more convenient: receiver of the remittances don’t need to come to bank anymore, they will receive moneys on their ELSOM e-wallets directly, and they can cash them in any of agents of ELSOM or can save moneys.


“ELSOM” is an e-wallet or system that enables to pay for different services and to transfer money through a mobile phone. We strive to bring comfort into life of each person making modern financial services available everywhere in the Kyrgyz Republic – it is our mission. Using ELSOM, our e-wallet, now it is possible to carry out transactions even in the most remote regions of Kyrgyzstan where there are no offices of the bank. It is advantage as the customers don’t have to open a bank account and Mobile Banking enables them to use all banking financial services. Now we are opening an opportunity for our citizens to transfer money directly to their relatives or friends to their e-wallets. ELSOM creates comfort and convenience for its users” – noted Mr. Kwang-Young Choi, CEO of KICB.

For the period from March 2014 until February 2015 over 75,800 users have been registered in ELSOM, over 830 agents have been appointed providing an opportunity of payment for services through the e-wallet. It indicates interest in new service in our markets that is innovative and, at the same time, very reliable.

“ELSOM” is one of the first initiatives among the banks of Central Asia and the bank plans to provide the e-wallet “ELSOM” to all citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic within the following 3 years. KICB is confident that by introducing “ELSOM”, even the citizens that live in remote regions, can use various types of financial services.