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Technology towns in Kyrgyzstan and government's support

Technology towns in Kyrgyzstan and government's support

 The development of the light industry is included in the Strategy for Sustainable Development of Kyrgyzstan for 2013-2017. The sewing industry brings to Kyrgyzstan almost half of income from export. That is why one of priorities of the present Government is the support of domestic manufacture.

Last week the Government of Kyrgyzstan assigned to allot plot of land for construction of technology towns of textile and sewing industry in the country to support the industry. The state bodies in cooperation with Legprom are working on 3 projects. One in Osh, the second in Chui oblast and the third one in Osh.

The idea of construction of such facilities belongs to Legprom, the Association of light industry enterprises of Kyrgyzstan, which was formed in 2005 and since has been supporting the industry.

President of Legprom Association Sapar Asanov in his interview to Kabar News Agency highlighted the necessity to construct modern industrial enterprises.

“The textile and sewing industry has been developing. Given this Legprom wants to build a modern technology towns. Kyrgyzstan is a member of WTO for many years, but we cannot use these rights, we cannot go out to Western markets, just because of not conformity with the standards of production facilities. This is worldwide experience,” he said.

Asanov told the necessity of consolidation and creation through industrial zones, through the introduction of standards.
He also dwelled on two main problems of the light industry. “This is the lack of professional staff and modern industrial enterprises,” he said.

Further, Sapar Asanov shared his plans for future. “Currently we are working on 3 projects. Within the framework of the first project we plan to build a technology town in Bishkek within 2 years. There will be about 30 enterprises, providing more than 7-8 thousand work places. The second technology town will be build outskirts of Bishkek city in Chui oblast. There will be about 40 enterprises. We plan to open there more than 10 thousand workplaces. And the third in Osh,” he said.
President of Legprom Asanov said that unfortunately the lion's share of the industrial output belongs to Chui region and Bishkek. “Therefore we need to develop not only Bishkek city, but also the regions too and we want to build technology towns in the regions to assist somehow to reduce internal migration,” he said.

Asanov expressed hope that in case of realization of all above-mentioned initiatives, the light industry of Kyrgyzstan can become the locomotive in development of economy of the country.

Concluding his speech the President of Legprom thanked the President and the government of the country for their understanding and support, who in every way try to create conditions for further developing of the light industry.

Nurzhan Kasmalieva
Kabar News Agency


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