20/10 20:23

Xinhua: China watchers in Kyrgyzstan hail the country's global role

BISHKEK, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- The eighth annual BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit concluded on Sunday in Goa, India. China earned top marks for its performance during the summit by analysts in Kyrgyzstan, a country with growing ties to China.

They spoke to Xinhua about China's role in the fight against terrorism, the role of the BRICS bloc in the global economy as well as the bloc's prospects.


Executive Director of Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Investors' Association Iskender Sharsheyev thinks that economic issues must be addressed in order to better tackle terrorism.

"Today among the BRICS countries, China has the biggest potential. Its investments in infrastructure projects are better at combatting international terrorism than bombs and missiles," he said.

Analyst Igor Shestakov says China's role in fighting terrorism is strategic.

"I think the fight against terrorism directly concerns China too, as it shares a border with unpredictable countries such as Afghanistan," he said.

Political analyst Denis Berdakov stressed that China's fight against terrorism is different from the West's.

"China says that the United Nations has to clearly define the terms of terrorism and then China will be able to take concrete steps to combat it. But at the same time, China offers a series of economic measures to reduce the risks of extremism and terrorism," he said.


Political scientist Bakyt Baketaev says China can solve problems and conflicts.

"We know from the experience that the international institutions with the participation of China are stable. Such organizations as the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and the BRICS have been growing and developing each year," he said.

"Today, we can clearly see the Chinese ideology of self-restraint, the ancient philosophy of cooperation for the benefit of all participants. I believe that China imposes a positive impact on all spheres of activity of these organizations. Thus, China is now a welcome guest in all international organizations. Where there is China, there is expansion and steady growth," Baketaev added.

He thinks that the BRICS bloc plays a role of growing importance to the global economy.

"If we calculate the GDP of BRICS member countries, it becomes clear that their weight is decisive in the world economy.

"China is now the only country in the world that in the current condition of a global crisis provides stable growth," the analyst added.

Shestakov believes that the BRICS countries play a strategic role in the global economy.

"The stability of the global economy depends on the stability of these countries, as BRICS includes the countries that have natural resources and strong industrial sectors," he said.

According to Baketaev, BRICS can play not only an economic role but also a political one, capable of solving all kinds of pressing international conflicts.

Shestakov believes the BRICS countries will grow even faster in the future.

"Given that these countries have a large number of resources," he said, "this bloc will continue to grow."


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